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Rules - Forums & In-game

Post by xXGhostsIVXx on Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:42 am

Forum Rules:

(1) Do not argue with or disrespect staff.
(2) Do not Spam Topics, or posts.
2.1: No links to other sites other then Blue Dawn Studios or ROBLOX Official pages.
(3) Do not Ask to be staff. Doing so will result in hurting your chances of becoming staff, or ban you from applying.
(4) Do not ask for anyone's password or personal information.
4.1: Do not give out your password or personal information.
(5) Have a good time on our forums and help keep it nice and clean.
5.1: Reporting Rule Breakers may give you a chance at becoming a Community Helper.

ROBLOX Role-playing Rules:

(1) No Fail Role-playing (FRP)
1.1: Before you report someone for this. Please, try to help them understand how you role-play.
(2) No high usage of Out of Character (OOC)
2.1: No trolling while in OOC
2.1: Use OOC to watch role-play or go AFK
(3) No God-mode
3.1(The Tales of Acoris Rule): and no god like Mages, wizards, sorcerers, and etc.
(4) No questionable names like Vorik the all-powerful and etc.
(5) Have fun and keep our servers clean.
{6} (The Tales of Acoris Rule): Obey User created guilds, alliances, and clans rules

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