Guild/Alliance/Clan Creation Guide

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Guild/Alliance/Clan Creation Guide

Post by xXGhostsIVXx on Fri Dec 02, 2016 7:06 am

This is what your Guild/Alliance/Clan will need in order to be approved.

Allied to (Which Major Faction. If none put neutral):
Ranks (Up to Ten at first):
Join Restriction (Open or Closed. If Closed specify what the requirements to join are.):

(Note: Do not post this on the forums. This is a guide for the creation of a ROBLOX group that will serve as a Guild/Alliance/Clan in one of our games. Once you have completed these steps send a ally request to the Main group of the game you're making the this for. ALL groups wishing to RP officially in one of our games must be approved. You may not use our games to recruit for War Groups)

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